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JIEAO new employee safety production training

     FoShan JieAo packaging machinery Co., Ltd. is the highest cost performance company in China for the field of screw dosing machine. JieAo has focused on the design and manufacture for powder dosing, screw feeding and the material transfer for more than 10 years. JieAo has more than 20 models for screw dosing machines and vibrating screw feeders.

     In order to enhance employees' fire safety awareness, master the necessary fire safety knowledge and skills, familiar with the proper use of various consumer devices, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.On October 23, a new staff of the JieAo packaging machinery company opened fire safety training.The training involved basic fire fighting knowledge, fire escape method, combined with the fire case vivid and thorough, the trainees have benefited a lot.This training has popularized the knowledge of safe production, which has conveyed the concept of safe production among the staff, which is of great significance to improve the consciousness of production safety.

      In the conference room , the new staff members listened carefully,  the atmosphere of learning was lively.After the training, they simulated fire extinguisher operation process with the guidance of training personnel. This deepen their understanding and made them pay attention to safety in production.After the production safety knowledge training, the fire awareness and the emergency handling ability of employees are further promoted, and the safety production environment is created for the JieAo packaging machinery company.